The Golden Grass

°°° Brooklyn feelgood rockers THE GOLDEN GRASS confirmed to play FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2016 °°°
The glory of American hard rock has returned - Please welcome THE GOLDEN GRASS to the Freak Valley 2016 line-up!!
This Brooklyn-based power-trio is the real deal, and their music harkens back to the golden age when heavy rock music was upbeat, skillfully played, energetic, edgy, and bursting with goodtime sunshine vibes. They come hard with a strong backbone of deep-pocket funky flare and an earnest/uplifting southern/country/mountain rock vibe, layered with waves of psychedelic textures that explode into jaw-dropping proto-metal moves. And throughout their progressive arrangements and timeless grooves are lush and powerfully delivered vocals, stacked with gorgeous harmonies and maddeningly catchy verses and choruses singing the tales of real-life loves, losses, and the drive to keep on keepin’ on!
What truly sets THE GOLDEN GRASS apart from the pack of modern '70s-inspired music is their relentlessly upbeat, soulful energy and feel-good vibe, which is a welcome departure from the faceless sea of proto-metal/doom bands currently drowning the underground scene. They will make you dance, smile, and catch yourself singing along! They are a sure treat for fans of classic underground hard rock such as Truth and Janey, Dust, and Josefus as well as fans of classic UK psychedelia such as The Move, The Pretty Things and Mighty Baby. THE GOLDEN GRASS will also greatly appeal to folks into the contemporary sounds of DANAVA, Horisont, Graveyard, and Dead Man.

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