For fifteen years RoToR have been crafting their dry as a bone instrumental sound merging 90s Stoner Rock and 70s Space Rock. From Berlin, founded 1998. First as a trio, now a quartet. Four studio albums and a live album. The fifth chapter now: "Fünf" (English: "Five") is the title of the new album.

Those who have seen the band live know about the crushing heavyness, the ultra-tight rhythmic changes and the melancholic space trips. The intoxicating energy and radiation is the real quintessence of the band.

Contrasts meet: Stoner and Psychedelic, Kraut and Progressive make encounters and collapse. RoToR's music has become more sophisticated, more transparent, more diverse, before suddenly the ton-weighing head-shaking part kicks in to take the listener to far away sound-worlds...

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