Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow's live show is an intoxicating blend of pounding riffs and slow-burning intensity — an expansive, feedback-soaked, thunderous journey. It’s also very, very LOUD!!!

They will throw you back with an endless haze of 70’s guitar fuzz and groovy sweetness. They rock harder and truer-to-retro than their pop-twin Tame Impala but with a paralleled fresh groove and original level of mystical lyricism. Older generations, and the new with a craving to rock out like they did in 1969, will not be disappointed from this show.

Dead Meadow, purveyors of California’s finest psych-rock, make their way to Freak Valley Festival for what promises to be a rip-roaring evening of reverb-drenched guitar freak-outs and thudding stoner beats.Their unique marriage of Sabbath riffs, dreamy layers of guitars fuzz bliss, and singer Jason Simon's high-pitched melodic croon have won over both psychedelic pop/rock and stoner-rock fans alike.