Way back in 2011, the Vortex Surfer Musikclub and Rock Freaks crew booked a band that soon would grow into the hearts and minds of the Siegen family.
After their first show, Jens inquired the band to play at a newly founded festival he and his team were preparing. So 2012 was a big year, as the first edition of their festival came into being.
The organizers knew one band, even though not locals, that has definitely been part of the family ever since their first show in Siegen. Every year, the band takes on new challenges with pride and honor, from a perfect stage time, to opening the festival, to creating a new stage to represent their own local scene and those who still belong, to an uber-packed festival, to dedicating their past show as a wedding gift for one of the Rock Freaks crew. Bushfire has always been present, in front of the stage rocking, and in the back, behind the scenes, helping.
This year, BUSHFIRE take on the newest, heaviest, and hottest challenge to celebrate the five year running FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL. Saturday night, between the headliners, BUSHFIRE will light up the evening with a very special event on the small stage, as requested by the band itself. Joining up with a fire team, Dancing Flames - The Fire Sensation, BUSHFIRE will perform an unforgettable show for all of us to celebrate with!