We have good and bad news for you.
Sadly "Acid Moon and the Pregnant Sun" have to cancel their show at FVF'24. Here is their official statement:
"We're extremely sorry to inform the void that we can't afford or create the travel of Acid Moon and the Pregnant Sun" to Freak Valley Festival this year.
Apparently taking 11 musicians in airplane from. Israel to Germany is not a very affordable thing that we can do. We hope for good and pray for peace.
Hopefully we'll meet next year on the best festival on mother earth. Sorry thank you we love YOU. AMATPS
On the other hand we are delighted to announce that we found a great replacement:
The Norwegian power trio of @kanaanband excels in psychedelic instrumental rock as only Scandinavians master it. The first two albums were released by the famous El Paraiso Records, but for the last two the band found shelter at the Norwegian Jansen records. Heavy riffs and thick grooves set the tone on the new album ‘Downpour’, just like on predecessor ‘Earthbound’ from 2021. The spirit of Hawkwind during Lemmy’s time floats around in the sound, but CAN, Ash Ra’s Temple and Jimi Hendrix are never far away. There are many surprising twists and turns with beautiful and soft passages, but above all it shows masterful musicianship. It sounds like they have set a new standard for themselves with the mix of kraut, fuzz, jazz and psychedelics. We're very happy to get the chance to see Kanaan live at Freak Valley !
Stay tuned for the Running Order announcement!