Freaks! 3 more bands

We're stoked to announce 3 more bands from 3 countries  including our 3rd Headliner!
Please welcome OSEES | TōYō | BLACK RIVER DELTA

Osees are a powerhouse in the realm of psychedelia and garage rock. Led since 1997 by the charismatic John Dwyer, the California outfit high-octane live performances and genre-defying music.  Backed by a catalogue spanning from fuzz-laden anthems to intricately crafted soundscapes, Osees continually push boundaries, creating music that is likewise unpredictable and unmistakable.
This year, Osees released their 28th (!) album, ‘Intercepted Message,’ pulling away from the hardcore punk styling of 2022’s ‘A Foul Form’ in favor of keyboardier whims. They are one of the least predictable bands on the planet, and attending an Osees concert is an immersive experience that leaves audiences craving more of their electrifying and mesmerizing performances.

Black River Delta
Black River Delta is a blues-rock band that emanates a raw, authentic energy reminiscent of classic rock 'n' roll. Hailing from Sweden, their music feels simple but is packed with raw emotion, infectious rhythms, and soul.
With songs that carry a timeless quality, fresh and nostalgic, their performances exude a raw passion that resonates deeply with audiences, making them a must-see for anyone craving an electrifying and soul-stirring live music experience.

Tō-Yō are a captivating ensemble who infuse a unique blend of traditional Japanese instrumentation with contemporary rock elements, creating a truly mesmerizing musical experience. Their music seamlessly weaves haunting melodies from instruments like the shamisen and shakuhachi with vibrant, dynamic rhythms from drums and electric guitars.
Tō-Yō's performances are a celebration of cultural fusion, offering audiences an immersive experience that transcends boundaries. Their ability to bridge gaps between musical traditions showcases their innovation and artistry, making them a distinctive act in today's music landscape.