Freak Valley Festival 2024 Lineup Announcement!

Ladies and gentlemen, freaks of all ages, get ready to rock your world at Freak Valley Festival 2024!We're thrilled to unveil the first part of an incredible lineup featuring some of the most electrifying bands from around the globe.

Freak Valley 2024 is set for May 30 - June 1.

You've already seen that Early Freak Tickets are on sale for Sept. 30 at Vortex Surfer in Siegen, and Regular Tickets again Oct. 2. Online sales start Oct. 3 and tickets hit local shops on Oct. 4.
But enough about that!!
You've been waiting, we've been waiting, and the first band we're ready to unveil for Freak Valley Festival 2024 is MONOLORD.
The Swedish kingpins of plus-sized riffs were last with us in 2019. Will they be back with a new album next summer? It's cool to hope so, but either way, you can't go wrong. When Monolord come to crush, which they always do.
They'll be joined by Greek heavy rock kingpins 1000MODS, Norwegian upstarts SLOMOSA -- whose second record will be out by June -- and ALEX HENRY FOSTER who you might remember was supposed to play in 2023, as well as DŸSE, SPECK, DAEVAR and FUZZY GRASS from France.
Newcomer Kanaan-offshoot FULL EARTH will join us from from Norway and long-running Chilean sludge outfit DEMONAUTA will grace our stage for the first time.
Rounding out this first announcement closer to home, we'll bring Köln heavy prog stalwarts MOUTH on board, heralding this year's 'Getaway' LP, which is must-hear if you haven't!

Here's the star-studded lineup:
Monolord // 1000mods // Dÿse // Slomosa // Alex Henry Foster // Mouth // Speck // Demonauta // Full Earth // Fuzzy Gras // Daevar

All killers, no fillers. That's how we do it, freaks. Get your tickets now because they'll be gone before you know it.
Prepare for an unforgettable weekend filled with mind-blowing performances, heavy riffs, and an atmosphere that'll keep you rocking all night long. Freak Valley Festival 2024 is set to be an absolute musical extravaganza!