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Band cancellations + announcements + Tickets Sale!

Hey Freaks,

finally a new news-announcement on !

1. Band announcements

Lots of bands have been announced over the past few weeks, you find all confirmed band in the Line-Up , and we're still not done!!

2. Band cancellations

If you regularly followed the Line up- page, you might have noticed that some of the bands have disappeared: Lé Betre, Sons of Huns and Windhand.

Here are the band's official statements:

Le Betre: "This is the end. First of all, thank you all for these years as Lé Betre. We have met some wonderful people along the road and we are proud about what we have done, but today everything fell apart for us, we don't agree on how to continue together, and we just can't do this together any more. We are having problems finding the words right now. Sorry, thank you and sorry again. Lé Betre is no more"

Windhand:  "It's with a very heavy heart that we regretfully must announce the cancelation of our 2016 European tour. Family, health, and personal life is always our number one priority, and due to a series of serious, unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to make the journey abroad this June. Our sincerest apologies to all our friends and fans who have supported us so much over the last several years. We were very much looking forward to seeing all of you this summer. We would also like to apologize to all the promotors, venues, road crew support, and festival organizers that worked so hard putting the tour together for us. This is a very unfortunate situation and very much out of our control. Again, please accept our sincerest apologies and we promise to see everyone again very, very soon. Thank you again and take care.
- Windhand"


But we are so happy to have found a killer replacement for WIndhand:

ELDER will be back on stage at FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2016!!

Elder will play a very very special show, as YOU will put together the setlist!! We want YOU to tell us what you want to hear at this show. Just let us know your most wanted track. Those with the most votes you'll hear @ FVF'16!! Sounds cool?
Please vote here: FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2016
(sorry voting only at our Facebook-Event)


3. Tickets

Tickets? Yes, that's right: TICKETS!! We have a few ones left, that came back from our Presale-Stores, or have been ordered in the Shop and haven't been paid... these tickets will be sold next monday (25.4.) at the WO FAT / MOTHERSHIP -Show at Vortex Surfer in Siegen! Check out the Details here:

That's it for today, more news soon!