Monster Magnet Tour Cancellation


These times are not easy...

Sadly we have to announce that Monster Magnet will not be able to play Freak Valley Festival this year.But we worked hard and will be able to announce a new Headliner next Friday! We are more than happy this worked out that fine in such a short time!

Stay tuned!

Here is Monster Magnet's statement: Due to back injury Monster Magnet regretfully announces cancellation of their performances at Desert Fest New York 2022 and their European summer tour 2022. Lead Singer Dave Wyndorf suffered a bike accident earlier in the year and is currently in physical therapy.

Wyndorf says " My apologies to everybody for dropping out at this time. I'm as disappointed as anyone. Doctors say I should be as good as new by summer's end and then we can start making up for lost time.

ROCK! - Dave"