Freaks!! Band Additions!

The world turns, the sky burns and we step up to bring you new additions to Freak Valley Festival this June!

We've been working diligently behind the scenes to bring you a safe and special fest to make up for our lost time together and we know you'll dig the latest. Here goes:


Marking their 15th anniversary in 2022, Spanish progressive instrumentalists Toundra will come back to Netphen with January's 'Hex' album in tow. Released through InsideOut Music, the new record finds them as-ever honing their atmospheres between heavy post-rock and heightened-consciousness psychedelia. They’re not quite like anyone else, and we know they’ll be welcome on our stage.


These marauding Texans return by popular demand after having hit Freak Valley in 2019 on their European tour. After experiencing last year’s In Carne Persona, however, we couldn’t be more stoked to have Duel back. We already know their live sets are rippers – exclusively – and they’ll be here in June with their most ferocious batch of songs yet. This is the kind of band you should be telling your friends about.


Speaking of, Britain’s continually emergent Psychlona were among the slew of acts originally booked for 2020. We’ve known ever since they did their livestream with us that they’d be back in-person as soon as possible, and we’re proud today to make it official. They’ve made their bona fides by word of mouth in classic fashion, and we can’t wait to get weird when they play.


The end of the year is always crazy, but if you missed the self-titled record Norway’s Kosmodome released in December, it’s by no means too late to dig in ahead of checking them out at Freak Valley 2022. The duo from the proggy hotbed of Bergen hold fast to classic melodies and mindsets, but you’re never calling anything but forward-looking. We can’t wait to have them here for the first time.And first or not, we can’t wait to welcome you all back to Freak Valley Festival in June! If it feels like it’s been forever, that’s because it has been.Much love,Your FVF CrewStill more to come!