Freaks! Please welcome RAKETKANON!

It's Not Night: It's Space won’t be making it to FVF

We’re nearly there. Can you feel it in your freaky bones? Can you smell the freakery burning in the air? In just a couple weeks’ time, you’ll be back in Netphen where you belong for FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2019. The last-minute preparations are underway, and you can expect the best edition of the fest yet when we get started on June 20.

As we get down to the wire, folks, we’re sorry to say that It's Not Night: It's Space won’t be making it after all. We were looking forward to welcoming them for their first show on European soil, but it was not to be. So it goes.

The good news, though, is that their spot has been filled by Belgium’s own Raketkanon! Hot on the heels of releasing their third album, RKTKN #3, on Alcopop!, they come to Freak Valley with a unique presence on our lineup. Their daring progressivism and post-everything sensibility has never been more ‘out there’ or as resonant as it is on the new record, and their live shows are the stuff of legend. We expect we’ll be introducing them to some of you -- hope so, anyway -- and if that’s the case, get ready for something really special.

See you soon!