Hey Freaks.
We are sad to announce that Alex Henry Foster will not be able to play FREAK Valley Festival 2023.
Here is the official statement:
Alex Henry Foster is suffering from health problems.
“My dear brothers, sisters, friends, and loved ones,
It’s with profound sadness that I have to announce that, due to my still too fragile health condition and my specialists’ persistent disapproval, I had to take the dreadful decision to not only cancel my presence with the Long Shadows at festivals this summer — and along with it the joyful expectation I had of meeting you once again — but also to cancel the massive autumn European tour I was supposed to announce next week." All shows will be rescheduled to But regardless of my heartrending feelings, it’s nonetheless the best and most sensible decision I could make for the sake of my recovery at this point. Be safe.
Much love,
Your friend and brother,
We wish him a speedy recovery, lots of strength, and look forward to see him again next year!